I get my seeds mainly from dealers online.  Currently these are just for edibles, though I intend to add a flower section later.  I have sorted these into categories:

Common Seed (Brands)
Mr. Fothergill's
Sarah Raven
Jamie Oliver's
Thompson & Morgan

Exotic/Rare Seeds (Brands)
James Wong's "Homegrown Revolution" Series

Common Seed (Suppliers)
Seeds Direct
Seed Parade
Homebase Stores - Good for stocking their own brand and other larger brands.  Good range in my local store and they also have a huge range of flower seeds and bulbs.

Exotic/Rare Seeds (Suppliers)
Plant world seeds - Lots of exotic fruits
Jungle Seeds - Huge exotic range, and they also have things like ginger rhisomes
Nicky's Nursery - Huge selection of varieties, particularly of chillis and tomatoes (here for rare varieties as opposed to exotics)
James Wong's "Homegrown Revolution" Series - A small range, most of which are featured in his book of the same title

Tips & Notes
I'll pick up the odd ones from Homebase or Poundland, but in general Poundland's (And £Stretchers) are often very near the sell-by (or plant by) dates and have a much lower germination rate than specialists (which is quite expected).  Homebase typically supply a lot of Suttons, Jamie Oliver and Mr Fothergill's, as well as their own brand.

I plan to harvest seeds from my successful crops to plant again or trade, but I also like the idea of purposely trying to cross-pollinate and blend some varieties together.

Other "supplies" of seeds include vegetables, nuts or fruits I've just bought in the supermarket and attempted to get them to grow into a plant.  I've had success with few of these, but the ones which have succeeded are doing well.


  1. Have you ever tried for seeds? Fabulous heirloom varieties that are truly tried and tested by themselves before being released for sale. Added bonus of being much cheaper than the big companies.

    1. Thanks Chris, I have ordered their catalogue but still deciding what to order.