Sunday, 16 February 2014


I may have forgotten in all my recent issues, about my "Christmas" potatoes.  Well on a rare dry day in the last few months I managed to nip out to finally empty the waterlogged potato bags.  I'd just started them from supermarket potatoes, which had started to chit on their own.  So I wasn't expecting a huge harvest, but I was pleasantly surprised to find I did have one!!

As you can see by my hand for size reference they are pretty tiny potatoes.  Despite that, after they were washed and dried (above) I cooked them along with sweet potato in a quinoa dish and they were absolutely delicious.

I thought considering I planted these in Autumn (literally because they had started to chit on their own) that this February harvest was impressive to get at all.  However, since this was my first time growing potatoes, I'm looking for recommendations for good varieties to order now for chitting, in hopes of getting a more decent crop later this year.  We typically prefer them for baking potatoes and mash rather than any other use.  What would you more seasoned potato growers recommend?


  1. It's always difficult to recommend potato varieties as they perform differently from year to year and also in different types of soil and locations. The taste can also vary. Try a website like this one which tells you something about each variety or can you get to a local potato day/

    1. Thanks Sue! I will certainly check out the website. I'm not sure about local potato days, as the first I'd heard of them was yesterday when I caught up with one Mark visited. But I will find out if they hold one nearby the local allotments, which seems the most likely.