Wednesday, 4 September 2013


So yesterday I gathered up some ingredients to make my first ever perfumes (or scents to add to other cosmetics later).  I LOVE the smell of tomato plants (who doesn't?) and thought it would be an interesting and refreshing scent to add to some cosmetics later on.  (Not so much as a perfume alone)  So I ordered some Perfumer's Alcohol, which arrived a few days ago and set to work tidying up my tomatoes.  As my entire crop seems miles behind everyone else (I sowed seeds in February and again in March, and again in April for the ones that didn't take because we basically had 2 foot of snow from January to May this year where I am) tidying up the plants should also help them devote energy to the fruits anyway.

So I gathered a bunch of unnecessary leaves, twisted and broke them to get the juices flowing, and literally just filled a tub with a screw lid with perfumer's alcohol to the brim.  Apparently this has to sit somewhere cool and dark for THREE MONTHS.  This is why I'm doing this now, as I planned to make cosmetics for Christmas presents.

I also decided to make a floral scent, so gathered fresh petals from the roses growing in the front and back gardens (I don't know the varieties because I'm certainly a veggie gardener over a floral one, and they were all planted in before we bought the house last December by the previous owner.)  The mix I managed to put together smelled divine, very fruity and floral.   To get the juices flowing on them you have to tear and crush them, then do the same and fill the container with them and the PA and leave for 3 months.

Lastly I did one with orange, and got a whole bag of oranges, peeled and cracked the peels and did the same.  So those are my three scents to play with come the start of December, so hope to keep you updated on those!

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