Sunday, 8 September 2013

Yummy Peas

Well, I recently planted some new peas (Variety Avola).  Peas are the one thing that I've already had a decent harvest out of this year so far.  I had germinated them in cell trays and then re-potted into smallish pots of around 15cm diameter, placing around 3 plants in each (some were mixed in with broad beans instead)  They grew well and produced well too, but the heat really got to them (and the slugs got to the broad beans) so I lost them all.

But around a week ago, I planted some new pea seeds, but I don't plan to re-pot at all, I've just planted them in block form in a huge pot (almost a foot diameter), and they're growing incredibly well (and fast) together.  I've also constructed this net to give them some support, its designed to be looser at the top so that it can expand when they get higher.  I'm hoping to get some production out of them before it gets too cold, but I'm hopeful because Avola in my experience is a quick grower and producer.  If this works well I think I'll continue to plant them in this block style format, because it seems so far that they're doing better than the 3-to-a-pot strategy.

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