Monday, 14 October 2013

Do you think I like chillis?

As you can see...I like chillis rather a lot.  Actually, these are a mix of chillis and peppers, and there are so many different varieties I can't even remember them.  I know the sweet peppers are mostly if not all the elongated ones, rather than the bellboy style ones.  I know that some of the chillis are a hot carribean blend, some are just considered hot cayanne, there are literally dozens of varieties.  Again these were late, late bloomers because it was so cold the germination took months.  Hence why they're all pretty small.  Was planning to give some away as gifts for Christmas though, because they can be overwintered so easily.  I overwintered them the first time I grew them and wow when they woke up did they produce like mad!

They are flowering and fruiting now, but I doubt I'll get much out of them before they go dormant.  They are kind of taking over the greenhouse though, I have so many.  It's too windy to put them outside though really, they'll just get torn up and broken.  Damn Edinburgh is always so incredibly windy!!

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