Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Egg Shells

So for a while now I've been using this excellent recipe for fertilizer using banana skins and egg shells.  But I keep finding that its a nightmare to get the eggshells out of the smoothie maker afterwards, because it does such a good job of pulverising them!  So I decided instead to pre-crush my egg shells, which I can then add to my now adapted recipe of a banana skin and nettle cocktail.  This way I can just add them after in the jug and mix in, saving me bags of time cleaning that damn thing.

So it also means I have crushed shells available to scatter on top of stuff (to deter those pesky slugs!) and to mix into soil.

Why didn't I think to do this before!?


  1. Interesting to read about the egg shells. I think I have a national collection of slugs and snails down here... any tips gratefully received!

  2. I've heard that putting egg shells in the soil when planting tomato plants can help with blossom end rot too. I think it's the calcium in them that does the trick.