Sunday, 13 October 2013

Greenhouse Tour

So a little tour of the greenhouse, there are a lot of things which are still so early in development because of the late, late snow, and then the heatwave winter.  But some things can be overwintered okay, so it be will alright.

Aubergine 1 month ago
Aubergines 13th October 2013

So these are the aubergines.  I don't actually like them that much, but they look so awesome when they grow, and I know a lot of people who use them a lot so I can give them away.  They're pretty tiny just now, but I seem to have tons of them.  They are the organic black beauty variety.

I don't know if they will overwinter, as I haven't grown them before and they aren't that far advanced.  But I'll give it a go, since they are inside the greenhouse (non heated) and I'll cover them with a bag to help encourage heat.  If they really look poorly I can bring them in the house, but the heating isn't on yet so the temp is about the same right now!

Okra 1 Month Ago (This is the biggest seedling)
I've been trying to germinate Okra all year.  I had two varieties and they were never talking so I'm thrilled they finally grew into strong seedlings.  Also saddened, that its this late in the year.  But we'll see how they get on, first frost isn't meant to come until mid October, so might get them to a strong enough point to either overwinter or bring inside.  I remember going on holiday to Majorca with my husband and two friends, where we stayed in one of the friend's grandad's place.  We went to visit one of the grandad's friends one evening and sat on her balcony, overlooking the stunning cove.  She was widowed, but her and her husband used to run the local green grocer and she still grew lots of veg on her balcony.  She had a stunning okra plant and I just adored it, having never seen one in real life before.  So super excited that I am finally getting somewhere with them.

Okra Seedlings 13th October 2013
Not sure if these paler leaves are a normal thing?   They're still getting bigger, but I'm thinking I need to pot on again soon.  I'm wondering if the pasty looking ones are normal or dying a bit (hard to tell since the old leaves are still so dark green).  Because I might discard a few of them and just keep the strongest 2 if that is the case.

So as you can see, its rather full...I do get a bit into my plants...There's some potatoes on the floor, along with Inca Berries, tomatoes, courgettes and squashes on the left, chillis and peppers, sweet potatoes, peas, strawberries and such on the right.

Update: That's a humongous spaghetti squash on the left, some tomatoes and chillis on the right, inca berries on the floor, many more chillis and peppers, peas and strawberries on the left.
I had to move the courgettes and other squash outside because they were beating up the tomatoes and knocking them off the shelf by growing right into them.  Brutes!  So I have placed them inside this upturned raised bed frame for now, as FINALLY we have some female flowers going on, so I also wanted to help them get pollinated outside.  I'm going to cover them with some insulating sheeting for the time being, and they will still be like a tunnel so bees can get in, but it will cut down on the cold winds at least partially I hope

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