Monday, 14 October 2013

Mango root!?

So, ever since early spring, I've been planting every mango seed from every mango I've eaten.  Sometimes I just plant them, sometimes I tried the water method, all to no avail.  I always tried to plant them right away, assuming this type of seed can't be stored long-term.

Well with the last one, I thought its too cold to plant something new like this, so I'll put it in a plastic bag and put it away in my seed boxes, and if its not rotten by spring I'll try then. (Didn't have a lot of hope for this).  So I was going through my seed boxes the other day to add in the new packets which arrived and thought I'd check on it...and there's a root, with some condensation it seems to have produced on its own, so its literally watering itself inside this tiny plastic bag.  Its had pretty much no light, which may have been to its benefit!  I'm going to leave it in here a little longer and see how much it grows on from here.  I noticed the opposite end (I'm presuming the end which turns into the seedling) has started to tinge green, so I might need to pot it up fairly soon.  But I just thought it was quite fascinating how this happened!

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