Sunday, 13 October 2013


These beauties were planted in FEBRUARY and they only just started producing some fruits about a month ago.  They did flower earlier in the summer, but because of the extreme heatwave we experienced this year (after having snow until May!) so many of my plants were wilting and burning a little, even when watered multiple times daily in some cases!  So the first set of flowers never set, because they literally fried in the heat.  I should have taken them in the house to cool down really, but hubby doesn't like plants in the house because they attract so many insects (mainly blackflies, which, it turns out he's pretty allergic to)

So now we have lots of flowers and little tomatoes gradually getting bigger, so I'm looking forward to seeing (and eating) them once they get bigger.

When I was tidying up the plants the other day to get leaves for perfume making, I came across several shoots for replanting.  I thought, despite the late season, why not give it a go, they'll either be getting flowers super soon because they're from that stage of plants, or I might be able to bring them inside over the winter and hide them in another room so they don't bother hubby too much.  I'd love to have perpetual tomatoes!!  They're started to produce flower heads now, so there might be something happening! Definitely an indoor growth though soon.

A bizarre flower issue, the "tomato" is shaped like a fine brush section of a paintbrush, it will be interesting if it does continue to develop to see what it turns out like!

Finally, due to the brutal courgettes beating up the tomatoes, I decided it was time they had their own place.  So they've moved into this mini greenhouse.  I assembled it quickly before work and of course it fell over by lunch time so my wonderful hubby weighed it down with some spare planks from raised bed building, and large stones.  Looks good! Hubby insisted that I called him "Green Fingers" after this, despite him having no hand in ever growing anything in his life.  I settled for "Garden Designer" instead.

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